Friday, August 31, 2012


So I say this in almost every post but I'll say it again, I really need to start posting regularly. I appreciate everyone who sticks with me while i grow into this whole blogging thing. :) I love the emails and feedback I get from everyone! And I promise I will really start posting more often, especially now that the holidays are around the corner!! Can you believe it, Halloween is almost here! I can already smell the pumpkin patch Yankee Candles and hear the leaves crackling under my feet. I have so many awesome holiday ideas to post about and can't wait to share them with you. :))

Anyways, a lot has been going on recently. For the last few weeks I have been planning and creating an awesome Winnie the Pooh birthday party for my son! I will be posting pictures as well as instructions on several of my party ideas shortly. The party went wonderfully and Colton loved all the Pooh decorations! I just cannot believe that my little baby boy is actually 2 years old now! I definitely have mixed feelings about this.