Saturday, November 24, 2012


Recently, with crabby two year old filled days and a husband in the police academy five days a week, the idea of going out and letting someone cook me dinner couldn't be farther from reality.  However, I found out through talking to a friend that one of my favorite restaurants, Olive Garden, posts many of their recipes on their website.  So atleast I can get the taste of a restaurant meal.

Last night, I decided to try my favorite recipe of theirs, Stuffed Chicken Marsala. It turned out AMAZING and had TONS of flavor! I altered the recipe slightly and absolutely loved it!

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Monday, November 5, 2012


Daily cleaning is a vital part of a well kept home, but every so often a deep cleaning is important to get rid of the things that a quick cleaning miss. One of the most commonly missed areas of the house is the kitchen sink. After almost every use I wipe down our kitchen sink to make it look clean. But about once a week I run through the following process to tackle the things that my routine cleaning misses. The best part is that I do it without using all those store bought chemical cleaners.

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Even though Halloween has come and gone for this year, and the sights and sounds of Thanksgiving and Christmas are everywhere, I wanted to share another Halloween post before moving on to the endless list of Christmas things I want to accomplish.

In our house we countdown to the holidays not only with activities and movies each day, but also with story time. During October, Colton's bedtime stories are all Halloween related. Click on the "Halloween" tab on  my "Holidays" page to see our booklist for this Halloween. :)