Wednesday, May 29, 2013


When it comes to household items, there is nothing I love more than ONE safe and inexpensive product that has a plethora of uses from cleaning to first aid.  On any given day, if you would open my closets or under the sink cabinets you will find what seems like a million bottles and containers of cleaning products. While each one of these products work great for their own use, the cost adds up as does the danger to my ever curious two year old. 

Now that my son finds entertainment in doing the complete opposite of what he knows he shouldn't,  I have resorted to moving anything that is dangerous (those "lovely" locks that we bought at Babies R Us just aren't cutting it anymore) out of his reach.  And now I'm trying to go one step further and partly eliminate some of those "thousands" of cleaning products.

While doing my research into safe and effective cleaning products, I learned that one of my favorite stain removing and wound cleansing products is capable of doing much much more! Now I have a bottle in many rooms of my house! Hydrogen Peroxide is a miracle cleaner and cleanser that is completely safe. Safe enough to use around children! And that's perfect for our house!!

If you are like I was and only think that hydrogen peroxide is good for cleaning cuts, then CLICK HERE to see my list of some of the best uses for this magic product!