Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Been AWHILE!

Hey everyone! I know its been awhile since I've made any posts here. Its been a pretty crazy June and I just could never seem to find the time to sit down an post. I have been up to a lot of things this past month and will be posting about them soon! 

Earlier this month we went to Ocean City, MD for a week and while it wasn't as hot as i would have wanted it was still great beach weather!  My husband and I really enjoyed just relaxing on the beach while Colton had fun playing in the sand. 

(I love how my foot looks the same size as my husband's. LOL)

Since returning from vacation I have begun several projects that I hope to post about soon! I started making a Quiet Book for Colton and have completed several pages! I can't wait to share my pages with you all, it's definitely a fun project that I know my son will LOVE!

Another thing I wanted to share with all of you were two items that i found on a recent trip to Costco. While as a general rule I usually do not buy alot of premade frozen food for meals, however, when I saw these I knew I had to try them.
These are amazing!  If you belong to Costco, you have to look for them.  The raviolis are in the freezer section. They are stuffed with mozzarella cheese and spinach...sooo good!! They have a parmesan herb packet that you sprinkle on them after you cook them. They are amazing! The other thing is a stuffed Chicken breast that is stuffed with artichokes and spinach. It's just like having spinach artichoke dip inside chicken! Yummy!! I definitely would recommend these to anyone! 

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